The Truth About Plastic Waste in the Worlds Ocean

Vessel Repair/Maintenance – Volunteer

Vessel Repair/Maintenance expert to help maintain our vessels to ensure readiness for ocean crossings.

Expert in small boat repairs of sailing vessels less than 80 feet LOA. Capable of performing repairs of fiberglass, rigging – standing and running, sails, vessel pumping, electrical, water maker, engine maintenance, zincs, through-hulls, and all other facets of vessel maintenance.

Vessels are located in San Francisco and Honolulu.

Our vessels make regular voyages between Hawaii and California to conduct research on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

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OPDERA.ORG is a charity that raises awareness about plastic waste in the world’s oceans. They provide education about plastic waste. OPDERA.ORG visits the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to show you what is there and conduct research.

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