The Truth About Plastic Waste in the Worlds Ocean

Plastic is falling from the sky. Where it’s coming from will surprise you.

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Kamilo beach, on the big island of hawaii, is known globally as trash beach.

At any given time, 1,100 tons of microplastic are floating over the western US. New modeling shows the surprising sources of the nefarious pollutant. In this article published in WIRED and written by Matt Simon, you will gain an understanding of how microplastics travel in the atmosphere. As I first wrote last year in my blog post The Plastic Cloud, I described out microplastics in the ocean are carried long distances in clouds after being carried in water droplets during evaporation. The rain is full of plastic, everywhere in the world. Matt Simon’s story expands on this and shows how plastic waste on land makes its way into the air and furthers covers every inch of the earth.

You can read the full article here: WIRED

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