The Truth About Plastic Waste in the Worlds Ocean

Rolling Stone Gets it Right – Recycling is a Myth

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(australia out) skm, a recycling company in melbourne, has been declared bankrupt and its six major warehouses are full of recyclable materials awaiting processing. This warehouse is located in the industrial suburb of derrimut. The victorian government and the warehouse owners, marwood constructions, are unsure how to deal with this material, which is largely unsorted and cannot be sold easily to materials processors. With no one to process their household recycling, melbourne councils are being forced to send thousands of tonnes of recyclable waste to landfill. (photo by jason south/the age via getty images)

Rolling Stone Magazine’s article on plastic waste hits the nail on the head.  False claims of recycling benefits made by petroleum companies and soda companies like Coke and Pepsi are placed front and center as Tim Dickinson tells the truth about plastic waste.   Clearly, Tim Dickinson did his homework when writing this article. 
​Read the full article here.

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